Yiran Wei

About me. ︎︎︎

Chef ? 
Tinker ?    
Thinker ?    
Creator ?  
Curator ?  
Observer ?     
Photographer ?     
Fashion Engineer ?


Yiran Wei (she/her) is a design researcher based in the Netherlands. 

Bachelor graduated in Apparel Design & Engineering(CN), she was a fashion engineer and specialised at relation between apparel and wearer.

With the strong curiosity of emerging technology, she started a new journey in the Netherlands to study Interaction Technology. Influenced by the previous study, she designs technology-human interaction with reflections on relations between wearer and apparel, so you can feel calm, pleasant and comfortable from her design. 

She plays with advanced technology a lot, but she likes living in 2G Internet world. One proud experiment is that she enjoyed life without digital devices over 24 hours, and this experiment is still going on. Currently, she is doing the design research to diminish sensory experiences in Metaverse at a media copampany. 

She designs for real-life, for wellbeing and for positive possibility. Enthusiastic about embodied interaction and sensory experiences, she enriches the sensations in the digital world and make more senses possible in the physical experiences.

She is a handy researcher with creative tinkering skills. Arduino, sewing machine, laser cutting, 3D printer and other DIY tools all has a role in her playground. Her projects involved topics of social touch, wearable technology, food experience, fashion, VR/AR, brand management, healthcare, multisensory experience, and documentary. Besides, she is active in the design community. She has experience in hosting design workshops, organising design events, and curating exhibitions.  

Being as calm and pleasant person, she brings joy, fun and reliability to the team she works with.  She is known for driving initiatives, being open-minded, and remaining optimistic through any challenge. 

Hit her for a touch!

︎What she works for

︎Interaction/Experience Design
︎Service Deign/Design Strategy
︎Design Research/User Research
︎Creative Technology/Prototyping
︎Brand Management/Identity
︎Multi-sensory design/Social Touch
︎Event Planner/Organiser

︎What she values

01. Tinkering helps thinking 

02. Sensory experiences matters

03. Design for more independence, more empowerment, more after-taste

04. Technology is the just a tool!
05. A good experience allow people to enjoy being lazy or enjoy thinking 

︎What brings her joys

︎ City wandering / Museum
︎ Nature /Garderning / Farming
︎ Cooking / Bakery
︎Film / Drama / Documentary
︎Skateboarding / Yoga / Tennis / Surfing
︎DIY / Tinker / Craft