More than a
Vending Machine

How to design a multi-sensory experience for joyful and
healthy eating?

Sensory Map, Multi-sensory Design, Materials Exploration, Prototype 

UX Designer, Materials Researcher 

2021, 10 Weeks

Geke Ludden

Team members:
Claudia Libbi, Hao Qi, Léa Texie, Omar Martinez Gasca

Food choices greatly affect our daily lives, influencing our energy throughout the day and regulating our overall health. Efforts to change our eating behaviour sometimes focus on the negative elements of such activity, like restrictions and measuring calories. This project takes a different approach to the influence on such behaviour, focusing on positive and joyful aspects of healthy eating, and rewarding those who chose this type of food. We showed a physical model with a sensory map to show our concept. 

Design Assignment

Design a food (choice) or eating experience that supports people to make healthier choices by the influence of and interaction between multiple senses. Our goal is to implement the characteristics of a joyful expression found in the research phase.

Target group

Meso level
For the implementation of the experience would occur at the cafeteria or canteen of a university. This means that it is aimed at students, teachers and staff that attend these places looking to have a meal.