How to design to “train” pet owners  to better empathise the pets?

Service Design Jam 2022 Amsterdam,
Design Sprints,  Prototype, User Research,
Service Design Toolkit

2022, 2 Days

User researcher, Service Designer 

This is the project for Service Design Jam 2022(Brightness we share). In this 2-days design sprint, under guidance from professional, we conducted user research, ideation, prototyping, user testing, and pitch by useful service design tools. 

From user research, we got the inspiration from stories of pet owners. We defined our challenge is to design for that trainning the pet owner to better empathise the pets. Our solutions is a mobile theme park that offers sensory experiences under the pet’s sense, and special souvenir: role-play boardgame for pets and pets owner. The idea is to enable pet owners to experiences how their pets feel and help owners empathise and understand the pets, ultimately benefits their relation. At this starting point, we showed the concept from the vision by prototyping a color-blind VR glass to mimic dog’s view. 

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